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  • Eye Strain
    Eyeglasses From H. Arnold Papernick OD No matter what a person's vision might be, eyeglasses are a big part of our lives. The Vision Council of America estimates that three-quarters of Read more
  • Back to School Vision Care
    Back to School Glasses for Everyone at H. Arnold Papernick OD Optometry in Mt. Pleasant During the summer, a minor vision impairment may not be so noticeable. The kinds of fun Read more
  • Signs Your Kids Might Have Vision Problems
    H. Arnold Papernick OD In Mt Pleasant, PA Discusses Signs Your Kids Might Have Vision Problems A loss of clear vision isn’t always clear-cut. Your child is just learning about the Read more
  • How do I keep my glasses clean?
    Do not be afraid to wash your eyeglass frames and your lenses with soap and water! We have found that dishwashing detergent works best. Put some detergent in the palm Read more
  • Celebrating 46 Years of Excellence
    H. Arnold Papernick, OD - Celebrating 46 Years of Eye Care ExcellenceMt. Pleasant Optometrist Is Dedicated to Serving the CommunityFor 46 years, Dr. H. Arnold Papernick has provided exceptional eye Read more
  • Reading Myths Debunked
    Reading Myths DebunkedThe new school year is in full swing, and that means more reading, writing and arithmetic for everyone. Reading serves as the basis of nearly all types of Read more
  • 5 Signs You Should Have an Eye Exam
    5 Signs You Should Have an Eye ExamEven if you've never had major problems with your vision, they can change as you get older. Someone who's never worn glasses in Read more
  • Tips for Contact Lens Aftercare
    Tips for Contact Lens AftercareCongratulations on choosing contact lenses. You're going to love the freedom of no longer dealing with glasses, but you'll have the best experience if you develop Read more
  • The Most Effective Ways to Keep Your Eyes Healthy
    The Most Effective Ways to Keep Your Eyes HealthyYou depend on your eyes to see, so it’s important to take excellent care of them. As you age, your eyes can Read more
  • LASIK Eye Surgery Myths
    LASIK Eye Surgery Myths (Debunked!) We want to make sure that you understand the myths and misunderstandings associated with LASIK eye surgery. We offer pre- and post-operation services and will schedule follow-up Read more
  • Tips About Sunglasses You Should Know!
    Tips About Sunglasses You Should Know!At H. Arnold Papernick OD, we recommend that all adults and children wear sunglasses to protect their vision. We are so passionate about sunglasses as Read more
  • Top 10 Eye-Injury Causing Sports
    Top 10 Eye-Injury Causing Sports Derrick Rose, Steve Nash, Allan Ray, Jon Scheyer, Eric Katenda and Amare Stoudemire not only share a love of this No. 1 eye-injury-causing sport, they have also Read more
  • Specialty Eye Contacts
    Our Mt. Pleasant Optometrist Provides Specialty and Hard to Fit ContactsContact lenses are a comfortable, convenient alternative to glasses for most people. Millions of people, however, find it difficult to Read more
  • Protecting your Eyes from Blue Light
    Protect Your Eyes from the Negative Effects of Digital Devices and Blue LightBlue light is a color in the visible light spectrum that can be seen by the human eye. Read more
  • What Are the Signs & Symptoms of Macular Degeneration in Mt Pleasant
    What Are the Signs & Symptoms of Macular Degeneration in Mt PleasantMacular degeneration, the most common cause of vision loss, affects millions of Americans, mostly people aged 65 and older. Optometrist Dr. Read more
  • Cataract Care With Mt. Pleasant, PA Optometrist
    Cataract Care With Mt. Pleasant, PA OptometristYou may be surprised with your diagnosis of cataracts. A large percentage of cataract patients discover they have the condition before they notice any Read more