Contact Lenses for Dry Eyes

Contact Lenses for Dry Eyes at H. Arnold Papernick OD In Mt Pleasant, PA

If you suffer from a common condition known as dry eye syndrome, you're probably all too familiar with the irritation and other issues this problem can create. What you might not be aware of; however, is the fact that your contact lenses could be making your dry eyes that much drier and more uncomfortable. If you need a different kind of contact lens option than you're currently using, you'll find a number of eye-friendly alternatives here at the Mt. Pleasant office of H. Arnold Papernick OD.

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The Relationship Between Dry Eyes and Contact Lenses

While contacts lenses don't actually cause dry eye, they can most certainly aggravate the unpleasant symptoms associated with the condition. Those symptoms typically include redness, itching, a gritty sensation in the eyes, light sensitivity, and occasional blurriness of vision. It occurs when the eyes aren't sufficiently protected, lubricated, and moisturized by the layer of tear film that's supposed to cover them at all times. When that tear film is lacking, the contacts become dry as well, adding to your eye discomfort. 

A Variety of Contact Lens Alternatives

Many people with dry eye either suffer in silence or resign themselves to spending all their waking hours in eyeglasses. But a variety of specialized contact lenses are available that can help preserve eye moisture and minimize dry eye discomfort. Our optometry center can provide you with such effective options as:

  • Hydrogel lenses - Hydrogel is a special material that retains more moisture than standard contact lens materials. The extra moisture can allow you to wear your contacts safely and comfortably from 12 to 16 hours at a time. Hydrogel lenses can be made to suit many different corrective prescriptions.
  • Scleral lenses - Scleral lenses literally provide your eyes with own "pools" of moisture. These lenses, which cover the entire cornea all the way to the white of the eye, have enough room in them to create a moisture reservoir. The extra coverage also helps to prevent evaporation on the eye surface.
  • Orthokeratology lenses - Orthokeratology or "ortho-k" lenses are normally prescribed to provide temporary lens-free correction by reshaping your corneas as you sleep. Why is this great news for dry eye sufferers? Since you only wear the lenses at night, you can spend most hours of the day without any contact lenses to aggravate your dry eyes issues.

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