Eye Conditions

Eye Conditions Treated at Our Mt. Pleasant Optometry Center

As amazingly capable as human eyes may be, they're not perfect. Problems can occur in the form of diseases, disorders, and abnormalities. Some of these issues can impair vision to a degree, while others can progress to full blindness if they're not given the appropriate treatment. If you're dealing with an eye condition or vision problem, rest assured that our Mr. Pleasant optometry center, H. Arnold Papernick OD, can diagnose the nature of your condition and provide primary eye care services. We can treat such common problems as:

eye conditions

Refractive Errors

In a refractive error, abnormal eye structure prevents light from being refracted into the eye correctly, resulting in blurry vision. Dr. Papernick can fit you with glasses or contacts to correct myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia or astigmatism.


Amblyopia is perhaps better known by the nickname "lazy eye," although it's actually the brain being "lazy" by using information from one eye but not the other. We can use vision therapy techniques such as eye exercises to fix this problem.

Dry Eye

Dry eye from unbalanced or insufficient tears can cause eye redness, itching, a "foreign object" sensation, blurred vision, and perhaps even corneal damage. A combination of medical recommendations, artificial tears, prescription eye drops, and advice on lifestyle changes can help you protect your eyes against dryness triggers.

Computer Vision Syndrome

In computer vision syndrome, constant computer use causes eye strain, eye fatigue, headaches, and all the symptoms of dry eye as well. We can ease your discomfort, fit you with glare-filtering glasses, and recommend changes to your computing habits.


Conjunctivitis is also known as pink eye. This inflammation of the eye's conjunctiva causes red or pink-looking eyes, eye discharge, light sensitivity, itching, and eyelid swelling. We can provide soothing relief for your symptoms while prescribing medications for infections or allergies.


Glaucoma causes the optic nerve to be damaged due to increased eye pressure. Dr. Papernick can detect signs of glaucoma and diagnose the condition during his examination. 


Cataracts literally cloud your vision, gradually leading to blindness. We can offer corrective lenses, strategies for minimizing cataract growth, and co-management of cataract surgery.

Macular Degeneration

Macular degeneration targets the retinal cells that give you your central vision. We can control macular degeneration through nutritional counseling, lifestyle guidance, and injectable medications.


Keratoconus causes your corneas to become cone-shaped, leading to serious refractive errors. Sceral contact lenses can help correct your vision in this situation.

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