Dry Eye FAQ

Dry eye is an irritating eye condition that can adversely affect your sight. If you have dry eye, your eyes aren’t producing sufficient tears to keep them lubricated and moist. As a result, your eyes feel dry and irritated. Dry eye can also cause blurry vision. The following FAQ and answers from our optometry specialist, H. Arnold Papernick, OD,  in Mt. Pleasant explain more about dry eye and what you can do to alleviate dry eye symptoms.

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What is Dry Eye?

Dry eye is a common eye condition caused by reduced tear production. Tears help replenish your eyes, keeping them hydrated and moist. They also protect your eyes against infection and disease. When your eyes don’t produce enough tears or produce low-quality tears, you can suffer from dry eye.

Why Are My Eyes Not Producing Enough Tears?

Different factors affect tear production. Age is the most common. As people grow older, it’s normal for their eyes to produce fewer tears. Certain types of medications, eye infections, and autoimmune diseases can also affect tear production as can pollution, dust, and excessive exposure to the sun. Computer overuse may also contribute to dry eye as you blink less when using digital devices, causing a reduction in tear production.

What Are Some Common Symptoms Of Dry Eye?

Redness, itchiness, sensitivity to light, and eye irritation are common dry eye symptoms. You may also experience blurred vision and feel like there’s something gritty in your eye.

Can Complications Arise From Dry Eye?

Dry eye makes you more susceptible to eye infections due to a lack of tears to filter out dust and debris. Dry eye can also affect your sight, making it difficult to perform daily tasks. Severe dry eye could lead to eye inflammation or corneal abrasions, which could seriously impair your sight.

How Is This Condition Diagnosed?

By analyzing your tear production and evaluating your eyes during the eye exam, our Mt. Pleasant optometry specialist can confirm whether you are suffering from dry eye syndrome.

Is Dry Eye Treatable?

Yes! The good news is that dry eye can be treated. For mild cases, OTC eye drops will often alleviate symptoms. Depending on the cause of your dry eye, we may recommend changes in your lifestyle habits to help alleviate symptoms. Serious cases of dry eye may require surgery to manage your condition.

See Our Optometry Specialist for Dry Eye Treatment

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