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Not only do sunglasses help you see clearly when the sun is at its brightest, they can keep your vision and your eyes healthy over the long term. We always say that sunglasses should be required for folks of all ages. Please learn more about the hidden dangers of the sun, why you need sunglasses, and how our Mt. Pleasant eye doctor can help. 

The Sun's Hidden Dangers

The sun may look beautiful...but it can be dangerous. Sun glare and UV rays cause cataracts to develop. Without surgery, cataracts threaten your vision. UV exposure can also damage your retinas, change your eyes tissue, and even cause a temporary sunburn of the eyes. Some of these eye problems are irreversible. For these reasons and many more, we strongly recommend that you wear sunglasses when you are outside and that you provide your children with sunglasses. If you wear corrective eyewear, we can fit you with prescription eyeglasses to protect you and your vision. 

Why You Need Sunglasses

Sunglasses are important in all seasons and in all weather. They are not just a summer sun accessory, or a fashion accessory. They provide a significant amount of protection against UV rays. 

When used with a wide brimmed hat, sunglasses can protect your entire eye area from sun damage. 

If you wear contacts, you may wish to try UV-blocking contact lenses. These offer both vision correction and sun protection. You may wear non-prescription sunglasses and UV-blocking contact lenses to enjoy full protection. 

Be careful of "eye wear" or "sunware." If you purchase a pair of sunglasses, they must contain some level of UV protection.

How Our Optometrist Can Help 

At H. Arnold Papernick OD, we suggest wearing sunglasses all year round. Our office staff can explain the different types of sunglasses that we carry, help you find the right shape of sunglasses for your face, and fit you for your sunglasses. 

We have special lenses, such as driving lenses. This polarized lenses can actually change depending on the sun's location and intensity. We also have eyeglasses that darken when exposed to the sun. 

If you wear glasses and do not want to purchase prescription sunglasses, we can fit you for magnetic clip lenses that actually clip on over your glasses. This way, you can enjoy standard vision correction, see clearly, and protect your eyes from the sun's rays. These lenses protect against sun rays that cause a glare when they bounce off horizontal surfaces like snow or water. This extra protection makes these ideal for wear while boating, golfing, driving, skiing, and engaging in other sports. 

We strive to provide complete care for all of your vision needs, including for sunglasses. While you do not need an appointment to visit our Mt. Pleasant office to learn more about sunglasses and its importance. You may wish to make an appointment for additional vision services. Reserve your preferred appointment now by using our online appointment scheduler or calling our office at (724) 547-5711. We look forward to helping you see clearly!