Infant and Child Eye Exams

Infant and Child Eye Exams

child getting an eye exam from our Mt. Pleasant Optometrist

Unless there is a very severe problem that hinders a child's ability to achieve normal milestones, most parents don't even consider whether or not their kids have eye problems. Yet, the Annals of Family Medicine reported that 5-10 percent of pre-school age children have vision impairment and the American Optometric Association (AOA) has reported that 25 percent of school-aged children have problems with their vision.

When Should I Take My Child to the Eye Doctor?

The AOA recommends parents take their infants in for a comprehensive initial exam at 6 months of age. Then, if no problems are identified, additional exams should be given at age three and again around the age of 5 or 6, just before they enter the first grade. It is important to discover and correct eye problems as early as possible to help children develop properly. Poor vision problems can make classroom learning especially difficult and may cause a child to fall behind his or her peers.

Bringing Your Kid in to Meet Your Mt. Pleasant Optometrist

Here at your neighborhood Mt. Pleasant Optometrist, Dr. H. Arnold Papernick has nearly 50 years experience in working with local families in all of their eye and vision needs. Our office is proud to work with a reputation of comfort and care that our patients have come to expect.

As a part of encouraging family eye health, we participate in InfantSEE® (a program managed by Optometry Cares® - the AOA Foundation). This means your child can be seen at no cost to you 6-12 months after birth. Your child's first appointment will identify any major eye health problems that are important to catch early on for early correction, including:

  • Excessive nearsightedness, astigmatism or farsightedness
  • Eye movement problems
  • Eye health issues

Later exams will look at more pointed problems, such as clarity of sight and focus, to determine if your child needs correctional lenses. We believe that every child should be presented with the sight to experience the world in full color, clarity and depth. Many children don't realize that anything is wrong with their vision until they are much older, believing everyone else sees the world as they see it because they don't know anything different.

You want the best quality of life for your baby. Feel confident knowing your child's eyes are developing correctly after a friendly visit to your optometrist. We send all reports to your child's pediatrician so everyone is in the loop of care. If your baby is younger than 12 months and you are interested in scheduling his or her free initial exam, call us today at (724) 547-5711!