Infant and Child Eye Exams

If you’ve ever seen a grade school student squinting to see a blackboard you’d understand the critical importance of pediatric eye exams. Kids who have vision problems that go undetected can fall behind scholastically and experience a mountain of challenges in their daily lives.


That’s why H. Arnold Papernick OD, an optometrist in Mt. Pleasant, is such a big advocate for getting your child regular eye exam starting at an early age, even if you haven’t detected problems.  

Why Pediatric Eye Exams Are So Necessary

Also known as children’s eye exams, this kind of checkup is for the purpose of getting ahead of vision problems so that they miss nothing in school and their personal safety is never compromised.

Remember, young children, can’t express the challenges they might be facing with their vision. If their eyesight is blurry, they think that’s just the way vision works. That’s why an eye exam and early eye care by Dr. Papernick is so vital.

Your Child’s First Eye Exam

Your child should have a first eye exam when only six months old. Then again at age three and just before entering first grade (during that critical time when they’ll begin to learn to read). From that point, your child should have an eye exam about every two years unless your child was prescribed eyewear and the eye doctor thinks an earlier appointment is necessary.

Don’t worry about your baby not being old enough to take an eye exam. Your family eye doctor has a range of age-appropriate tests to gauge such factors as your baby’s pupil response to light and ability to follow movement.

Tests for pre-schoolers can involve identifying shapes and colors rather than letters, so it won’t be a problem if your three-year-old hasn’t yet learned the letters of the alphabet.

Pediatric eye exams are a significant part of the eye care services offered in Dr. Papernick’s practice, so he has plenty of experience interacting with the young and getting even those who might be shy or frightened comfortable and responsive.

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