When you visit a Mt. Pleasant optometrist for an eye exam, our team evaluates your visual health and determines the potential risk of developing an eye condition. During the exam, Dr. Papernick may discover signs of a cataract. If we discover signs of a cataract in our patients, then we follow up with appropriate solutions based on the severity of the condition and the possible concerns you identify.

eye test to check for cataracts in Mt.  Pleasant, PA with Dr. Papernick

What is a Cataract?

A cataract refers to a problem with the lens of your eye. When you visit an eye doctor, we check for problems based on your concerns and situation. If you notice changes to your vision, then we identify the underlying causes of the changes. A cataract occurs when the lens of the eye becomes cloudy and light does not reflect into the eye. Due to the cloudy lens, your vision changes and you cannot see clearly.

In general, cataracts develop as part of the aging process. Older men and women have a higher risk of developing the condition when compared to younger individuals; however, it can occur in any individual over time. You may not notice changes to your vision initially, but we check for risk factors and signs of the condition during routine eye exams.

Our Treatment Suggestions

If we suspect a cataract, then we provide educational information about your treatment options. We offer a referral to a specialist for additional evaluation and appropriate surgical treatments.

Since cataracts develop over time and cannot be treated with medication after it develops, we suggest appropriate cataract surgical procedures. The specialists provide the surgical procedure. Before the treatment, we ensure every patient understands the condition, the risk factors and the treatment options. We strive to keep our patients educated about their treatment options and preventative measures to limit the risk of developing cataracts as you age.

Pre and Post Operative Care

Although we do not provide cataract surgery at our office, we do offer pre and post-operative care. Our pre-operative care focuses on educating our patients about the situation and their treatment options. We make sure you understand the problem and your treatment options before referring you to a specialist for more extensive treatment solutions.

Post-operative services focus on helping you heal and adjust after the surgical procedure. We check on the progress of your eyes and may provide corrective glasses if necessary for your vision. We also educate our patients about preventative measures for long-term eye health. We follow up on the cataract surgery and ensure that your eyes heal properly from the treatment. We also keep up with changes to your vision and make sure you have the information to maintain the health of your eyes.

Cataracts impact your vision in a negative way, but you do have treatment options to address the underlying problem. At our Mt Pleasant, PA office, we check for cataracts and provide information about treatment options. To learn more about treating cataracts or our services, contact our office today.