What to Know About Cataracts Provided by Our Mt. Pleasant, PA Optometrist 

Cataracts are an issue that tends to occur as a person ages. Generally, they start slowly, so you might not even know you have a cataract until it progresses and interferes with your vision significantly. H. Arnold Papernick OD is one of the Mt. Pleasant Optometrists in the area who can identify cataracts and refer to an Ophthalmologist for consultation and possible removal.

eye test to check for cataracts in Mt. Pleasant, PA with Dr. Papernick

General Information About Cataracts

Cataracts occur when the lenses in your eyes become clouded. Your vision looks as though you're looking out a foggy window. You may have a dim or blurred vision.  Cataracts can cause you to see halos around lights or have difficulty seeing at night. You may notice colors look faded or yellowish. You might notice that your eyewear prescription changes frequently. You can have cataracts in one or both eyes.

Diagnosing Cataracts 

Mt. Pleasant optometrists diagnose this eye issue during routine vision screenings. That's why it's important for you to have routine eye care exams. Early intervention can help our optometrist optimize your vision correctly. Additionally, our eye doctor can monitor your eye problem to get you the appropriate care as it progresses.

Our optometry practitioner begins your exam just like he would for any other patient -- with a vision evaluation. This part of the eye exam consists of our eye doctor asking you to read lines of letters. As our eye doctor changes the lenses in the machine, you see what your vision would look like at different magnifying powers. Our optometry practitioner will also evaluate your vision for astigmatism -- an eye issue that causes blurry vision.

Next, our eye doctor will conduct a slit lamp exam. This test uses a magnifying device, so our eye doctor can look inside your eye and examine the cornea and lens. It's possible for our eye doctor to notice clouding on your lenses from this exam.

Other testing may be conducted as necessary.

Treatment for Cataracts

As your condition progresses, optometry care alone may not be enough to optimize your vision. At this point, our optometrist may suggest you have cataract-removal surgery. During this procedure, an eye surgeon removes your damaged lens and replaces it with a clear, artificial one. Our optometrist can refer you to surgeons in the area who can provide this procedure. 

Schedule a routine vision exam with H. Arnold Papernick OD, serving Mt. Pleasant, PA and the surrounding area, to detect cataracts and other issues early. We're available by calling (724) 547-5711.