Sports Vision

Sports Vision Testing at H. Arnold Papernick OD

Summer will be ending soon, and this means that many students will be gearing up to play sports in teams at school. Of course, natural ability, strength, and good eyesight are key for participating in sports. If your child currently plays sports or is preparing to join a team, you’ll want to make sure he or she is evaluated with sports vision tests before school begins.


At H. Arnold Papernick OD, we have been treating patients in the greater Mt. Pleasant PA area since 1969. Our staff is dedicated to providing high-quality eye care for each of our patients, and sports vision testing is something we take care of in our state-of-the-art optometry facility on a routine basis.

What is Sports Vision Testing?

Sports vision testing is designed to check the eye performance of athletes, and this goes beyond the standard eye chart vision tests that you may be familiar with before getting fitted for contacts or glasses.

Sports vision testing will determine how quickly you can react after first noticing an object, such as blocking a speeding hockey puck or a catching a football that’s been hurled down the field. Testing will also show your level of hand-eye coordination and how quickly your brain processes visual information.

Benefits of Sports Vision Testing

Sports vision testing is beneficial because it provides feedback to helps athletes improve their performance. For example, you can boost your eye tracking ability, which is needed to follow the track of a ball or anticipate where a bouncing ball will wind up. 

It also shows your hand-eye coordination, which can be improved with exercises. Sports vision testing is valuable for helping with depth perception (think of a skier who needs to avoid crashing into trees while hurtling down the slope).

Types of Sports Vision Tests

We offer a wide range of sports vision tests to accommodate the various needs of our patient population, including:

Contrast Sensitivity Tests: Used to see if you can identify the orientation of stripes of different contrast.

Eye Dominance Tests: Learning which eye is dominant will affect how you train to identify incoming balls.

Eye Teaming Tests: These show how both your eyes work together as a team.

Ocular Alignment Tests: Testing the alignment of your eyes shows how they work when exposed to the same type of stimuli.

Snelling Eye Chart Tests: This is the test most people are familiar with, as it involves reading letters on a chart 20 feet from you, to determine what prescription is needed for your corrective lenses.

Make an Appointment With Your Eye Doctor in Mt Pleasant PA for Sports Vision Testing

Before school begins and athletes start practicing for upcoming games, it would be a good idea for you to visit your preferred eye doctor in Mt Pleasant PA for sports vision testing. For details on our testing procedure or to request an appointment for sports vision testing, please call H. Arnold Papernick OD at (724) 547-5711 today.