Puff-Less Eye Exam

H. Arnold Papernick OD Offers Puff-Less Eye Exams in Mt. Pleasant PA

When you go to the optometrist for an eye exam, you will undergo a variety of different testing methods. In the past, eye doctors used tonometry equipment that measured eye pressure through a small “puff” of air on the eye surface. Although it was a painless procedure, many patients found the process uncomfortable. At H. Arnold Papernick OD, we are committed to providing a thorough, comfortable eye exam for our patients.

Old man having eye exam

What Is A Puff-Less Eye Exam?

The optometric machine that used to deliver that tiny puff of air to measure eye pressure has largely been replaced with updated equipment. The new type of machine allows the optometrist to measure the pressure in the eye and the thickness of the cornea, without the uncomfortable puff of pressure. This makes doing an eye exam easier for the eye doctor because the patient is more relaxed and at ease.

Why Testing Eye Pressure Is So Important

Glaucoma is an eye disease that primarily occurs in older individuals. This condition causes fluid to build up inside the eye, which can lead to damage of the optic nerve and blindness. Fortunately, treatments are available to prevent loss of vision. The tests provided by your optometrist helps to detect increased pressure in the eyes, so early treatment can begin to prevent damage to the optic nerve.

The Importance of Regular Eye Exams

Regular eye exams should be a part of your routine healthcare measures, to ensure you maintain good eye health throughout your life. A variety of different types of eye tests are used in these exams, including tonometry testing to measure the pressure within the eyes. High pressure in the eyes and poor drainage angle is associated with the development of glaucoma, which can threaten your vision. Making tonometry tests to detect glaucoma more comfortable for the patient is a good way to encourage individuals to schedule their eye exams on a routine basis.

Make H. Arnold Papernick OD Your Eye Doctor

Dr. Papernick has utilized his extensive training and experience to help his patients in Mt. Pleasant and surrounding areas maintain good vision and eye health throughout life. We offer many vision services, including exams, eyeglass fitting, contact lens fitting, dry eye treatment, computer vision care, and treatment of common eye injuries. Contact H. Arnold Papernick OD today at 724-547-5711 for an appointment to have your eyes checked and to learn the benefits of puff-less eye exams.