Eye & Vision Exams

Dr. Papernick provides Mt. Pleasant optometrist services for both adults and children. We deliver our unhurried and comprehensive eye exams in our spacious and modern office with Dr. Papernick utilizing a personalized touch. We do this to ensure that the health of your eyes as well as your vision is as focused as possible. 

Eye Exam and Consultation

Before starting any exams or testing, Dr. Papernick takes the time to thoroughly learn about your health history, including any troublesome symptoms or previous conditions you might have. Additional questions our Mt. Pleasant optometrist will ask you cover the type of environment you work within, your extracurricular activities, your family health history and your general health. All of this information will be taken into consideration -- along with the results of your eye exam -- when our doctor makes his recommendations for treatment. 

Vision Testing

Dr. Papernick recommends that all adults and children have vision testing and evaluations at regular intervals. Our optometrist provides vision acuity testing during our comprehensive eye exams to provide a baseline from which to work. Using a reading eye chart as well as a wall chart, our staff obtains the results of these tests in the form of a fraction. 20/20 is the vision standard that we work with and provides the basis of our recommendations for corrective vision. Eye exercises, glasses and contacts are a few of the options for corrective treatments that we might recommend. 

Eye Function Testing

In order to make sure that you have the best and clearest vision possible, we test your eye functionality using the latest technological-advanced tools and instruments. There are several tests that we use to test your eyes and determine their health and function. Among these are procedures that are designed to measure your depth perception, peripheral vision, color vision, light responsiveness and more. We also perform procedures to determine whether your eyes are working, focusing and moving together properly. The results of this testing allow us to recommend treatments that can help your eyes work better together, if necessary. 

Eye Health

The health of your eyes is of utmost importance to Dr. Papernick and the staff at our Mt. Pleasant optometrist office. Using both a visual examination as well as tonometry, we evaluate the health of your eyes thoroughly. First, we begin by visually inspecting the eyelids and eyes using bright lights and instrumentation that magnifies those structures. We might also dilate your eyes so that we can look at the various internal structures within it to determine if there are any concerns. Because glaucoma can manifest itself as elevated eye pressure, we use tonometry to measure pressure. These tests provide a basis for determining the health of your eyes. Afterwards, our staff can then recommend any further actions or treatments that would be appropriate for safeguarding your vision and eye health now and in the future. 

Dr. Papernick’s Philosophy

“In order to serve you best, it is important for me to get to know you.  Your health, hobbies, and work all can have an effect on your vision. In fact, not all vision problems come from the eyes. You may come to me with a headache and find that sinus or neck problems are the cause. Seeing the whole picture helps me find the real reason for your concerns.”