Dr. H. Arnold Papernick Offers Help for Blurry Vision in Mt. Pleasant

Blurry vision is a common problem that can result from simple eyestrain or more complex vision or eye problems. Regular visits to your eye doctor can reduce the risk of blurred vision and other problems. Dr. H. Arnold Papernick in Mt. Pleasant, PA can help you find the source of your blurred vision and can provide remedies to allow you to have clearer, more comfortable vision.

woman wearing glasses with blurry eye chart behind her

Causes of Blurred Vision

If you have worked at a close task for a long period, you may develop eye fatigue and blurring. Individuals with refractive errors, such as nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism often have blurry vision that responds well to corrective lenses. If you have recently had LASIK eye surgery to correct your vision, you may have blurry vision for a period afterward. If you have chronic dry eyes, you may have frequent blurring of vision that can be troublesome.

Conditions That May Cause Blurred Vision

Migraine headaches can cause blurred vision in the initial stages that are generally harmless. If you are over the age of 60 and have eye diseases such as cataracts, macular degeneration or glaucoma, you may develop blurred vision. Your eye doctor can help manage these diseases to help you maximize your ability to see. Women often experience blurred vision during pregnancy, due to hormonal changes that affect the eyes and greater problems with dry eyes. Cardiovascular disease and other medical conditions may have an effect on vision and should be closely monitored by your eye doctor. Diabetes and stroke can cause sudden vision changes.

Treating Blurry Vision

Your Mt. Pleasant optometrist can provide comprehensive testing to find the source of your blurry vision. We will take a thorough patient history and test for visual acuity to see how well you are seeing. We will test the pressure in your eyes and view the internal structures to ensure total eye health. If needed, we can provide a new prescription to help you see more clearly, or provide eye drops to relieve dry eyes.

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