Light Sensitivity

Optometry Care Can Help with Light Sensitivity

If you're suffering from light sensitivity in the Mt. Pleasant area, H. Arnold Papernick OD is here to help. Here's a guide to some of the causes of light sensitivity and how optometry care can help.

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What Is Light Sensitivity?

Also called photophobia, light sensitivity is when light from the sun or other sources including incandescent or florescent lights cause discomfort in a person. The light may also lead to squinting or looking away from any source of light. Headaches and nausea are additional symptoms linked to light sensitivity. For most people, photophobia is only activated by bright light but in more extreme cases it can be in reaction to much milder light.

The Causes of Light Sensitivity

There are several eye conditions that can cause light sensitivity including iritis, uveitis, and keratitis. There are also some additional common conditions that can cause light sensitivity, such as migraines.

How Optometry Can Help with Light Sensitivity

The first step in treating photophobia should always be to schedule a comprehensive eye exam with your optometrist. This will allow your optometrist to determine if the light sensitivity is caused by an eye condition or if it is due to something else. From there, we can advise you on how to get the medical care you need to treat your light sensitivity.

Treatment for Light Sensitivity

While eye drops are the general form of treatment, the overall treatment is going to depend on what is the root cause of the light sensitivity. For photophobia caused by an infection, an antibiotic may be prescribed. Migraines often require rest and medication. For those whose light sensitivity is related to dry eyes, artificial tears can be used.

Steps You Can Take to Avoid Light Sensitivity

Because a major cause of photophobia is an infection, avoiding infections through not touching your eyes and washing your hands frequently is a good way to avoid these problems. Once experiencing light sensitivity, in addition to seeing an optometrist promptly, it's a good idea to stay inside in low light. There are also dark glasses available designed specifically to bring relief for light sensitivity.

If You're Suffering from Light Sensitivity in Mt. Pleasant

H. Arnold Papernick OD is here to help with all of your optometry needs. To find out more about what is causing your light sensitivity schedule an appointment today by calling us at (724) 547-5711.