Men's Glasses

Lens Options for Men's Glasses

There's much more to choosing glasses for men than picking a stylish frame. In fact, what goes in the frame is actually far more important. This is the part that determines how well you see, and if a pair of glasses doesn't provide visual clarity, how great they look becomes a moot point. With that in mind, here are some of the major options for eyeglass lenses:

Man trying on designer glasses.

Types of Lenses

Regular Lenses

These are made of plastic and are the ones typically used for standard prescriptions. They're all but unbreakable, but they can be scratched if you're not careful.

Polycarbonate Lenses

Polycarbonate is a tough material, so it's more durable than regular lens plastic. It's great for kids or if you frequently drop your eyeglasses. It, too, can be scratched, but it's not as touchy as other materials.

Glass Lenses

These are said to offer the best visual clarity. They can also hold stronger prescriptions than plastic, so they're often used by people with cataracts and other such problems. The main drawbacks to them are their weight and their breakability.

High-Index Lenses

This type of lens is thinner than normal, and it is especially evident at the edges. Thinner lenses are lighter and don't protrude from their frames as much. For most, the main benefit to this is that it looks better.

Lens Upgrades

The next thing to consider is which extra properties you want to be added to your lenses. There are seemingly endless options here, but we'll go over some of the most popular ones.

Bifocals, Trifocals and Progressive Lenses

If you need vision correction for more than one distance, these options can let you get it with just one pair of glasses.

Anti-Scratch Coating

While this won't make your lenses invincible to scratches, it will lower the chance of your glasses developing them under normal conditions. If your glasses tend to end up with a lot of fine scratches, try this coating.

Blue Light Blocking Coating and Lenses

This is a coating that's good for people who use computers for several hours per day. It reduces the amount of blue light, emitted by monitors, that reaches your eye. This reduces eye strain and related problems. We offer blue light protection in several forms, not just as a coating but intrinsic in the lens itself.

Transitions Lenses

These lenses automatically change from almost clear to deeply tinted upon exposure to UV light. There are several variations available under this brand name now, with each one tailored to better meet specific needs.

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