Bifocal Contacts Lenses

Bifocal Contacts Lenses Available in Mt. Pleasant, PA

As people get older they often develop a condition in their eyes called presbyopia, which makes it difficult for them to see small items close up. This is why you'll see many older people holding newspapers at arm's length when they read it. If they already wear contact lenses, these people will need a different type of lens to accommodate the multiple prescriptions their eyes now need. At H. Arnold Papernick, OD, we offer these contact lenses, called bifocal contacts, and are experienced with fitting them for a wide variety of patients. They come in traditional and disposable contact lenses, making them a convenient choice for almost everyone.

Woman holding Bifocal contact lenses.

What are Bifocal Lenses?

Contact lenses are created in a certain shape that allows light to pass through in a way your eyes can focus clearly. This is based on your visual prescription. When you develop a secondary prescription for a different distance, such as close reading or computer work, two different prescriptions are needed in the same pair of lenses. These lenses are called bifocal because it allows the eyes to focus on two different distances.

How do Bifocal Lenses Work?

Manufacturers create bifocal lenses in different ways, depending on what's best for the patient's eyesight. The two basic types are segmented designs and simultaneous vision designs. The simultaneous vision contacts act like traditional bifocal lenses, with one prescription at the top of the lens and another at the bottom. The wearer simply looks forward to distance viewing and looks downward for viewing objects close up.

Segmented designs are created in a different manner. Concentric lenses have different prescriptions are ranged in rings on the surface of the lens, much like the circles on a bullseye target. Aspheric lenses have one power in the center with another in a ring around the edge. There is no definite line between the two; instead, one power gradually moves into the other one.

Who Needs Bifocal Lenses?

Anyone with multiple focus prescriptions can use bifocal lenses, but these patients generally fall into two categories: people over 40 who have developed presbyopia, and those who work long hours at a computer. With different prescriptions being such a large part of both of these groups' lives, they have a real need for contact lenses that can adjust to wherever they're looking.

Get In Touch With Our Local Mt. Pleasant Optometrist?

We prescribe contact lenses for patients who need a bifocal in several ways: Sometimes we prescribe a contact lens focused to the distance in one eye and focused to near in the other eye. We do prescribe contact lenses that have a bifocal add in the contact lens itself. Whatever method works best for the patient is our motto! If you're having a hard time seeing at different distances, bifocal contact lenses could be right for you. Contact our Mt. Pleasant optometrist for a contact lens exam. Give us a call at (724) 471-8209 and we'll schedule an appointment today.