Dry Eyes

 Dry Eyes Explained By Our Mt Pleasant Optometrist 

Maintaining your vision requires healthy eyes. Depending on your situation, the treatment and management of your eyes will vary; however, in certain situations you may need to treat dry eyes to help maintain the balance of tears and prevent discomfort. Our Mt. Pleasant optometrist at our office has the tools and experience to help when you develop dry eyes.

Dry eyes in Mt Pleasant, PA

What are Dry Eyes?

Dry eye refers to a lack of tears or poor quality of tears in your eyes. Depending on the severity of the discomfort, an eye doctor may provide a variety of treatment solutions to help with your concerns and goals. In most cases, you will notice the discomfort or general dry feeling in your eyes. It may be more common at specific times of the day or night.

Causes of Dry Eyes

The underlying cause of dry eyes depends on several factors, including the medications you take for other health conditions and your body's health. Common reasons individuals develop dry eyes include:

  • Allergies
  • Poor quality of tears
  • Poor production of tears, or the eyes do not produce enough tears to keep the eyes moist
  • Taking certain medications
  • Medical health conditions
  • Aging
  • Wearing contact lenses
  • Environmental factors, such as spending time around a smoker or near environmental irritants
  • Gender, specifically being a woman

Women are more likely to develop dry eyes when compared to men, but it can occur in any individual. Some individuals develop the condition due to a specific medication and the problem may stop when the individual discontinues the medication. Other individuals do not have clear reasons for the dry eyes since it may stem from several factors.

Dry Eyes Treatment

Dry eyes treatment depends on your goals and concerns. Generally, we recommend using eye drops for artificial tears. In certain situations, we may recommend medicated eye drops to help with specific concerns, such as a health problem.  We may also talk about “how you blink” and if you are constantly staring at the computer!!!!!

Other medications may help with tear production or improving the quality of tears. We generally consider different medications based on the cause of the problem. In certain situations, we may recommend a surgical treatment to help your eyes produce tears when other options fail. We usually recommend mild treatments initially to help reduce the symptoms and allow your eyes to heal. It is not always necessary to continue into harsher treatment options since identifying the cause of the problem helps us develop an effective treatment solution.

Treating dry eyes helps maintain healthy eyes and vision. When the problem develops, it causes concerns due to the discomfort and the feelings associated with the situation. By treating the problem, we reduce the discomfort associated with dry eyes and allow you to improve your situation. To learn more about treating dry eyes or to set up an appointment at H. Arnold Papernick, OD, contact us today.