Dry Eyes

What Are the Causes and Treatment for Dry Eye Syndrome?

Dry eye syndrome is the result of not having enough lubrication in your eyes. This lack of moisture can be irritating, uncomfortable, and affect your vision. Discovering the cause of your dry eye is the first step in correcting this condition. A thorough eye exam performed at H. Arnold Papernick OD in Mt. Pleasant, PA, will help to reveal the cause.

Dry eyes in Mt Pleasant, PA

Symptoms and Causes of Dry Eye

As noted, dry eye syndrome is caused by a lack of moisture in your eye. Tears provide the moisture your eyes need to stay lubricated. Tears also help to keep dirt and infectious materials washed out of your eyes. A lack of tears allows your eyes to become dry and dirty. The causes of a lack of tears can be broken down into three categories:

  1. Imbalanced tear composition:  Your tears are comprised of three components, oil, water, and mucus. If one or more of these components are diminished, it can cause you to have dry eye.   
  2. Decreased tear production:  Medical conditions like thyroid disorders, diabetes, vitamin A deficiency, or rheumatoid arthritis can cause a decrease in tear production. Certain medications like decongestants, antidepressants, hormonal replacement, birth control, and for high blood pressure can also hinder tear production.   
  3. Quick evaporation of tears:  Tears need to last for a period of time to effectively do their job. If they evaporate too quickly, they will not be able to properly lubricate your eyes. Being in windy, smokey, or dry air conditions will evaporate your tears early. Over extended periods of time between blinking can also cause them to dissipate quickly. Some people's eyelids turn in or out, affecting tear evaporation.   

There are various symptoms of dry eye:

  • Eye fatigue
  • Redness
  • A scratchy sensation
  • The notion that there is something in your eye
  • Stringy mucus buildup  

Dry Eye Treatment

Your dry eye treatment will be determined by the cause of your condition. For many people, over-the-counter eye drops are sufficient. For others, medication may be needed to increase tear production. If it is found that your dry eye is a result of a medication you are already taking, a replacement medication will be recommended. 

If your dry eye condition is caused by inflammation, you can be prescribed an anti-inflammation medication. Blocked oil glands may need to be remedied. Surgery may be required to correct tear duct or eyelid flaws.

Have Your Dry Eye Treated Properly

Proper dry eye treatment is required to manage or correct your condition. Our optometry expert at H. Arnold Papernick OD in Mt. Pleasant, PA, will help you to successfully care for this eye disorder. Call us today to arrange an eye appointment. We will help you to have a more pleasant visual experience.