Pink Eye

Pink Eye Treatment at H. Arnold Papernick O.D.

Kid with pink eye should seek an eye doctor for treatment

Conjunctivitis, also referred to as pink eye, is a condition that anyone can get at any age, but it most commonly occurs in children (from young ones still in pre-school through students attending college). People working in daycare facilities and those who teach children are particularly at risk of contracting pink eye. At H. Arnold Papernick O.D., we have been providing pink eye treatment services in Mt. Pleasant and the surrounding area since 1969. 

What is Conjunctivitis and What Are the Symptoms?

Medical scientists have classified three different types of conjunctivitis.

Bacterial conjunctivitis is a type of pink eye that may affect one or both eyes at the same time. Patients experience a discharge that ranges from yellow to yellowish green and which tends to make the eyelids stick together during sleep. It is contagious, so patients must make sure to frequently wash their hands to avoid infecting others.

Viral conjunctivitis can also affect one or both eyes. Patients have watery eyes that are itchy and they often are more sensitive to light. People spread viral conjunctivitis when they sneeze and cough.

Allergic conjunctivitis can make your eyes feel so itchy that it is like they are burning, and the eyes may also tend to water in reaction. Patients with this type of pink eye will suffer from its effects in both eyes. It is the only form of pink eye that is not contagious.

Treatment for Conjunctivitis From Your Preferred Eye Doctor in Mt Pleasant PA

H. Arnold Papernick O.D., your trusted eye doctor in Mt Pleasant PA, will examine you and then come up with a customized plan to treat conjunctivitis as well as offer advice on how to avoid getting pink eye again in the future.

If you have bacterial conjunctivitis, Dr. Papernick will generally prescribe some ointment or eye drops containing antibiotics for use at home until the pink eye clears up.

Patients diagnosed with viral conjunctivitis should know that they can treat themselves by following the advice of their optometrist for home care, by applying a wet, cold washcloth to their eyes periodically. This washcloth should not be shared with anyone else because viral conjunctivitis is highly contagious.

For individuals with allergic conjunctivitis, the optometrist will recommend that you start using allergy medication to alleviate symptoms. Depending on your situation, you might need to take medicine before allergy season begins. 

Make an Appointment for Pink Eye at H. Arnold Papernick O.D.

It can be difficult for patients to know what kind of pink eye they have, so a trip to the eye doctor’s office would be in order.

If you or your child has a case of pink eye, there’s no time like the present to visit your preferred optometrist for an examination and consultation to discuss your treatment options. If you have questions about conjunctivitis or would like to make an appointment with our optometrist, please contact H. Arnold Papernick O.D. today.