You have likely learned about the potential risks of glaucoma at your eye doctor’s office, but generally, it feels like a far-off possibility. The reality is that glaucoma can be difficult to detect and carries serious risks including the loss of your vision. Many of the symptoms of this condition are subtle and can only be detected through a professional eye exam. If you live in or around Mt. Pleasant and have concerns about glaucoma or other serious eye conditions, schedule your next eye exam with H. Arnold Papernick OD.


Maintaining Your Eye Health

Attending regular appointments with your eye doctor for a comprehensive eye exam not only ensures that you are wearing the correct lens prescription but also identifies any developing problems or red flags at their earliest possible stages. You can imagine how important this is since many diseases are preventable or easily addressed in their initial stages but later become severe with lasting effects.

In the case of glaucoma, routine visits to your optometrist are used to establish baseline values like the normal level of intraocular pressure in your eyes. This level differs from person to person and a certain level of pressure may be normal for one person’s eyes but cause glaucoma in another. Glaucoma often does not reveal itself through symptoms and loss of vision is typically difficult to detect until the later stages without regular eye exams.

Testing for Glaucoma

An eye doctor can use several methods of checking for glaucoma during your eye exam. He gets the pressure reading by using a non-contact tonometer. In most cases if the pupils are large enough we are able to take a photo of the back of the eye that gives great results. You may be asked to complete a field of vision test with moving lights or stimuli to assess any deterioration in your peripheral vision, which sometimes occurs with glaucoma. Eye drops help to fully dilate your eyes during the ophthalmoscopy test, during which the eye doctor can take a close look at your optic nerve to check for damage.

Contact H. Arnold Papernick OD for Your Next Eye Exam

Detecting glaucoma in the early stages provides greater opportunities to successfully treat the condition and avoid potential vision issues. If you have concerns about glaucoma or it has been a while since your last eye exam, contact H. Arnold Papernick OD in Mt. Pleasant. Call our team today at (724) 547-5711 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form.