Vision and eye care are essential for general health and wellness. Dr. H. Arnold Papernick has years of experience providing residents of Mount Pleasant, PA, and the surrounding areas with reliable eye care. Dr. Papernick will evaluate your eyes to identify and address any conditions that are impairing your eyesight. One such condition is seeing flashes of light in your peripheral vision.


Why Visit H. Arnold Papernick OD?

Dr. Papernick a highly skilled and respected optometrist who offers eye care services and vision and eye tests to diagnose and treat certain eye conditions. Our eye exams involve examining general optical health while taking note of any signs of possible health complications.

Dr. Papernick and our entire staff have been providing quality eye care since the 1960s. We use a unique combination of the most advanced technologies in eye care and traditional personal attention, leading to exceptional individualized care.

Services Offered

We provide eye care services, including emergency eye care, condition management, eye exams, and pre-and post-operative care to help you achieve optimal visual health. We aim to meet all your eye care and vision care needs in a satisfying, safe, and relaxing environment.

Our complete vision tests are used to determine how well or poorly your eyes perform under different conditions of light. This helps us determine whether or not you require glasses or contact lenses and find the most suitable prescription, fit, and design that accentuates your face.

We have a full team of optometry professionals who treat such eye conditions as glaucoma, eye flashes, cataracts, computer vision syndrome, and macular degeneration. Our optometrists are skilled and qualified in vision therapy, sports vision care, Ortho-K services, and more.

Undiscovered impairments with your vision can be fatal in the long run, which is why regular eye care at H. Arnold Papernick OD is emphasized. Our eye disease management helps in the diagnosis and recommendation of a suitable ophthalmologist to help manage diabetic eye conditions, among other diseases.

Dry eyes can be very uncomfortable because they cause itching and irritation of the eyes, which affects your visual abilities. Ignoring eye and vision issues can lead to damage to the cornea. Hence, our optometrists recommend the necessary treatments and techniques for dry eye management.

Visit Our Eye Doctor in Mount Pleasant

Are you a resident of Mount Pleasant, PA, looking for quality eye care? If so, H. Arnold Papernick OD is ready to assist you. For more information on flashes or to schedule an appointment, call us at (724) 547-5711.