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Vision Therapy

Vision Therapy in Mt. Pleasant

Vision therapy is like physical therapy for your eyes. Not every vision issue requires glasses, contacts, or corrective surgery. Typically used in children, but also effective for adults, vision therapy is an excellent method to use in situations where the eyes and brain aren't quite aligned with each other. It resolves vision issues that can lead to learning disabilities, and is a powerfully useful therapy for things like a lazy eye, double vision, and crossed eyes. Our Mt. Pleasant, PA office provides vision therapy as one of our many treatments and services to you and your family.

vision therapy

How Does Vision Therapy Work and What Does it Do?

Vision therapy both strengthens the eyes and enhances the neurological connections between the eyes and brain. These connections are responsible for how the brain interprets the images the eyes send to it. If you want to have good eyesight, you have to have healthy neurological connections between your eyes and brain.

To strengthen this connection, and improve the coordination of eye muscles so they work together, vision therapy uses progressive exercises of the eye done under the supervision of your eye doctor. Each set strengthens the neurological connections and the eye muscles more and in new ways. They are done one to two times a week, and sessions last anywhere from half an hour to an hour, depending on the unique, individual needs of each patient. The vision therapy program continues until the issue it was prescribed to treat either shows improvement or is resolved. Again, this is based on individual need, so one person may use vision therapy for shorter or longer periods of time than someone else with the same or similar eye condition.

As the exercises do their work, the way patients interpret images will improve. They will begin to see and comprehend images with more accuracy. When images are interpreted with more accuracy, learning disabilities are improved, kids begin to do better in school, and adults may improve their performance in other areas of their lives, such as at work and in the community.

Your eye doctor will need to evaluate you or your child to determine if vision therapy is the best way to go for you or them. If vision therapy is recommended, you will have to commit to coming in for the sessions for however long they are needed, which is until accuracy in interpreting images improves. Once the treatment is successful, you or your child will read better, eye strain from computer use will be eliminated, and you will understand what you are looking at and what it means for what you are doing at the time. Your life, or your child's, will be much improved.

Contact Our Office for an Appointment Today

If you believe you or your child may benefit from vision therapy, give us a call to get an exam and evaluation. We are sure you will be happy with your decision to pursue vision therapy if it is recommended. It opens up a whole new world to you.

We are looking forward to meeting you and welcoming you to our family of valued patients. You can contact us at 724-510-0865.